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07 January 2019
The Resident, January 2019
19 December 2018
Robb Report UK Edition

New Year, New Move

The Resident, January 2019

Privacy, access to local shops and amenities, digital connectivity and public transport will be among the top reasons for moving in 2019, according to Strutt & Parker’s latest Housing Futures research.

Even in the digital age, more people wanted to be close to family and friends, up from 37% to 48% since 2013, says the report. Big cities like London have become more popular as a preferred location to live, and walking to work was seen as an increasingly attractive option, up from 25% to 36%.

‘City dwellers don’t have long commutes to work and can enjoy walking to a local café or the gym,’ adds Vanessa Hale, Director of Research at Strutt & Parker. ‘In today’s hectic times, this is the lifestyle many people want.’

Orlando Rodriguez, Design Director at luxury London developer Northacre, predicts that with fewer people owning cars in the capital, car parking spaces will become redundant.

‘I see a business opportunity focused on using these subterranean spaces,’ he suggests. ‘The obsession with gadgets in the home is also waning. Older buyers need to ask their children for help to use iPads to control heating and lighting. We need to keep it simple.’

A Palatial Property

Robb Report UK Edition

Having the Queen as a neighbour is just one eyebrow-hiking aspect of forthcoming luxury development No. 1 Palace Street.

Central Park Tower, the Avenue des Champs-Elysées and Dubai's Burj Khalifa are all contenders for the 'Most Prestigious Address In The World' gong - but what would be the British capital's entry to this for-now hypothetical competition? Putting in a more than decent pitch, from late 2020, will be No.1 Palace Street: a now-in-development property by Northacre (the London luxury developer behind such projects as The Lancasters, The Phillimores, Kings Chelsea and The Bromptons), and one that - as the road name hints - offers unique views over the Buckingham Palace Gardens.

In Pictures: Northacre’s No.1 Palace Street tops out


Record-breaking heritage project opposite Buckingham Palace hits construction milestone.

No.1 Palace Street, which sits on a 40,623 square foot island site with views over the Queen’s back garden and St James’s Park, has now reached full height, a milestone marked by the revival developer in traditional fashion with a rooftop ceremony.