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The Most Magical Time of the Year

11 Dec 2019

Northacre Journal

Welcome to the festive edition of the Northacre Journal.

The Christmas season in London has a special kind of timeless appeal. For any of you who have not visited the city at this time of year, it must go to the top of your list for 2020. Throughout the season, the twinkle of Christmas lights dazzle on every street corner, the pubs are cosy and packed and the city’s hotel and shop windows are brought to life with mesmerising stories of Christmas magic. It is hands-down my favourite time of year. However, it is not only for the incredible festive parties (London is also the best at these!) but also for the opportunity to quietly reflect on another year passed followed by excitedly making resolutions and plans for the year ahead.

At Northacre, it has been another fantastic year and I wholly attribute that to the entire team’s unwavering passion and dedication to delivering the extraordinary. I am proud to convey that our two flagship developments, No.1 Palace Street and The Broadway, have celebrated a number of key milestones this year. At the beginning of 2019, The Broadway was just a hole in the ground and now we have all six cores up. Additionally, we have surpassed 1 million-man hours worked on-site with a reported average of 500 people working at the development site each day.

Things over at No. 1 Palace Street have also been busy with 678,896 man-hours reported on-site this year. We are now eagerly awaiting the arrival of our first shipment of Carrara marble from Italy and look forward to revealing which celebrated Interior Designer we will be working with to deliver our first show apartment in 2020.

Whilst 2019 was a year of building, our products and our brands, in 2020 we are looking forward to turning our focus on completing and handing over the much-anticipated No. 1 Palace Street. The particular highlights in my calendar for next year include:

  • The opening of a show apartment at No. 1 Palace Street in time for the Queen’s summer party
  • Completing No. 1 Palace Street and commencing handover of properties to Her Majesty’s newest neighbours
  • The opening of a show apartment at The Broadway
  • Launching an exciting new residential investment initiative that will allow us to capitalise on current opportunities in the London residential market.

Finally, on behalf of the Northacre and ADFG teams, I’d like to wish everyone a marvellous 2020 - one that is filled with an abundance of exceptional experiences.

Niccolò Barattieri di San Pietro – CEO of Northacre