We Are Here

As we enter our fifth week of lock-down here in the UK, we want to send a message of warmth and positivity to match spring’s sunny weather outdoors. We hope that Easter was a chance to connect with family, whether digitally or at home, and that some normality and celebration was found amid this extraordinary time.

At Northacre, we are navigating through this unprecedented climate mindfully and with faith. We continue to prioritise the safety and wellbeing of our teams and now are adapting our schedules, as logically as we can, to avoid too much longer-term disruption. We remain optimistic that we will return to full operation soon, believing in the importance of keeping up morale and looking ahead to the future.

At our No.1 Palace Street development we continue to make good progress, albeit in challenging circumstances. In fact, we are still planning the launch of the stunning show apartment later this summer. As we throw open our doors in the coming months and everyday life resumes, exciting opportunities will be waiting.

Whilst we each work from the safety of our homes, staying respectful of our Government’s directive, we remind you that we are still here. And, until we are able to meet again, it is our promise to stay connected to you all.

CEO Niccolò Barattieri di San Pietro

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