Our Story

When Swedish architect Klas Nilsson first founded Northacre over 30 years ago, it was with a single-minded vision to preserve and celebrate some of London’s most treasured architectural masterpieces.

Over the years, Nilsson created some of London’s most desirable homes, setting a new standard for luxury living experiences. 

Nilsson understood how great architecture can have a huge impact on the world around it. This is a strong belief that lies at the core of Northacre to this very day.  

Northacre continues to create stunning, design-led and innovative residences in central London and will expand into the MENA region. All future projects will be underpinned by a new-found purpose of enabling healthier and longer lives.

The world is changing, and for many of us, we are increasingly conscious of our own personal wellbeing and our impact on the world around us. 

Through an insatiable curiosity, positive outlook and relentless drive, Northacre seeks to create not just luxury living spaces, but highly innovative living experiences. These work to enhance the wellbeing of its residents, tenants and visitors, and society as a whole. 

Our latest modernist construction, The Broadway is a prime example of these living spaces of the future with its very own wellbeing destination, Orchard Place. A blended lifestyle ecosystem environment that with its retail mix will strive to encourage health and wellness in every form. 

Guided by a love of design and a desire to better the planet and its people, each luxurious Northacre home is designed to enrich the lives of the most discerning homeowners.

30 Years of Unrivalled Developments