Last month we were delighted to welcome Mustafa Kheriba to our ‘Northacre at Home’ podcast series. Deputy CEO and Group Head of Asset and Wealth Management at Shuaa Capital as well as Board Director at Northacre, Mustafa revealed his unique outlook on the international property market and a pioneering approach to investing.

During Mustafa’s 18-minute interview, it is clear to see why London continues to be the number one destination for international ownership and foreign investment.

“London has a very unique combination of inherently long term economic and political stability alongside a well matured legal and commercial system which is imminently comprehensible worldwide.

London has always been a financial and cultural hub of the world with safe haven status. Furthermore, its location and proximity between the East and West make London a great option for global investors. Another element which makes London such a viable choice is its language which is a common denominator and the universal language that is spoken and understood throughout the globe.”

And now, as the capital begins her journey towards normality, we look forward to the streets buzzing again and for opportunities, from business to real estate, to exponentially grow. Mustafa already predicts a recovery in the luxury housing market from the 4th quarter of 2020, so we would argue that now is the time for purchase consideration before values rise and stamp duty increases by 2% for foreign investors in April 2021. Now is certainly the time to book a virtual tour of our flagship developments nestled at the heart of this incredible city.

To listen to the full podcast of Mustafa’s insight into international ownership, please click here.

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