‘The dream commission’

We are delighted to unveil a few select images of No. 1 Palace Street’s show apartment and invite you to experience the luxurious elegance in person too. Crafted by one of Conde Nast’s House & Garden magazine’s Top 100 Designers, Natalia Miyar, the apartment is the result of her expertise in seamlessly blending glamour and comfort and a creative vision that reveres the history that surrounds it.

“No. 1 Palace Street is an extraordinary project that combines all the elements of a dream commission – an incredible building and iconic location. In fact, it was the location that really informed a lot of the choices I made. I was inspired to choose and create a number of pieces that celebrated the tradition, heritage and craftsmanship. I think items which are individually handmade carry imperfections that make them even more beautiful. 

True luxury for a buyer is having something made just for you – when something has been put together in a truly unique way and no one else can have the same thing. At No. 1 Palace Street, I have put together a home which is so individual and so unique that it really is the truest form of luxury.” 

To learn more about Natalia Miyar and the ‘Making Of’ the No. 1 Palace Street show apartment, we have created a preview for your enjoyment.

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