Marble Journey

We chose to use Italian marble at No. 1 Palace Street because of its deep heritage and history, as well as the luxurious class it brings. From its infamous quarry in Carrara, Tuscany – the same source of marble that was carved for the palaces of Ancient Rome – we thought it only fitting that white marble should bedeck No. 1 Palace Street. 

As Jan Trbizan, Design and Technical Director at Northacre explains, the marble is meticulously handpicked to exude elegance in the apartments at No. 1 Palace Street. With an architectural career that has taken him across Europe, South America and to UAE, Jan’s passion for marble is what brings this timeless, absolute beauty to No. 1 Palace Street. 

To learn more about the marble journey from an Italian quarry to No. 1 Palace Street, we have created a preview for your enjoyment.

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