After working for the superyacht brokerage house, Burgess and being responsible for coordinating the press fleet for Volkswagen and Audi, Amy joined Northacre in 2017. Since then, she’s been utilising her 15 years of experience and expert insights in luxury marketing to help create the PR and marketing initiatives at Northacre.

In this Q&A, Amy discusses how Northacre shifted its marketing strategies in the midst of the pandemic and whether these changes will still be apparent as normality begins to resume. Amy also shares her thoughts on the future of marketing within the luxury property sphere and whether the events of the pandemic will impact her approach moving forward.

How has the pandemic accelerated changes to marketing PCL properties?

We had to shift quite quickly to a marketing strategy that focussed on digital tactics to generate enquiries. This was largely supported by social media which has always had an important role in the strategy, even prior to the pandemic.

We were mindful of our tone of voice across our channels and as such we opted for a soft ‘we are here’ approach. After all, for many of us, this was our first experience of a global pandemic and such a hugely uncertain time for all. Overall, we have seen though that our clients still prefer to visit our sites in person for viewings where possible and of course we have taken extra measures to ensure our visitors feel safe.

What aspects of digital marketing do you think have improved because of the pandemic? What’s here to stay? And what will you be pleased to see the end of?

I will be pleased to see the level of video calls level off. Of course, they have been absolutely vital over the last 12-15 months and in some ways, it’s made us feel closer to our network, especially to those who previously you were only speaking to over the phone.

However, I think we are all feeling the zoom fatigue set in now and are craving face-to-face meetings. Content driven marketing is vital for storytelling and ultimately storytelling helps our clients get an emotional connection to our projects.

How have responses to marketing changed in the last year?

Our prospects and clients have been notably more focussed, perhaps related to travel downtime and lockdown restrictions.

What are your thoughts on print advertising and editorial, since so many people now consume news online?  

We have always found print advertising and editorial a vital part of our campaigns. Nothing quite beats reading an oversized glossy over a coffee at the weekend and I don’t think this experience will ever be replaced by online offerings entirely. 

What do you think is next for the future of marketing in the luxury property sphere? 

I think that we will see traditional marketing techniques – events, partnerships, face- to -face networking all come to the forefront again – people are desperate to get out and about.

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