Northacre Journal – The Art Issue, October 2023

Dear All,

For this issue of the Northacre Journal, we are celebrating the role of art in enriching our city, developments and daily lives. With London as a powerhouse of the global art scene, there is inspiration around every corner.

This month saw the 20th anniversary of Frieze London, an annual fair showcasing spectacular contemporary works produced by living artists. Earlier in October, London buzzed with shows in galleries and public institutions across the city. We are always looking for new and imaginative ways to integrate art into our projects. Last month, we announced a new collaboration between The Broadway and design agency Arteficius. The elegant, luxurious space is defined by carefully-chosen art, lighting and accessories from names such as Hessentia by Cornelio Cappellini, Catellani & Smith and Zanetto.

Another new addition with art at the forefront of its design is a three-bedroom apartment at The Broadway, designed in collaboration with Oliver Burns. This majestic residence is decorated with pieces from globally celebrated artists. Read on to find out more about this unique curation.

Orchard Place will also soon welcome artists of a different kind, with ADAM Grooming Atelier and Nostos Coffee joining its family of modern urban retailers. ADAM offers a one-of-a-kind barber experience, based on traditional Turkish and Roman techniques including wet shaves, hot-towel presses and massages. Nostos Coffee sources the best beans from around the world, with a focus on sustainable and ethical producers. Their philosophy – “every cup of coffee should be an experience” – will be well-received by coffee aficionados in the Orchard Place community.

I invite you to keep reading for the latest exciting updates from Northacre and to reflect on the creative roles art plays in your own lives and communities.

Amy Wardell
Head of Brand
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