A new 1,625 sq. ft three-bedroom apartment in The Broadway will display an exceptional art collection from Dellasposa gallery in partnership with Oliver Burns design studio. The collection has been chosen to create a calming sanctuary in the heart of London and takes inspiration from earthy and organic tones.

Pieces include original lithographs by Andy Warhol and Tracey Emin, an original Picasso silkscreen and chromogenic photography from Alexander James Hamilton.

They will add to other notable works featured in the apartment, including a textured wall panel titled Falling Leaves by Aiveen Daly. Stay tuned for more about the extraordinary apartment, which launches in November.

Our commitment to art and design is reflected throughout The Broadway, where we have partnered with Europe’s finest design studios and galleries to create magnificent turn-key apartments.

● Minotti has brought Italian sophistication to the five-bedroom penthouse, displaying stylish pieces that complement the space’s urban elegance.

● LEMA’s bespoke furnishings shine in the three-bedroom apartment, with a special focus on space, mood and light.

● In Paragon West, BoxNine7 has applied their “furniture with feel good” approach across two apartments, each with a custom theme.

● Natalia Miyar Atelier sourced collage artwork from Miami to complement the pared-back aesthetic created for The Broadway’s first show apartment.

Simon Edwardson, Head of Sales at Northacre, notes: “The time and care spent curating and designing these spaces cannot be underestimated. Artwork helps our clients envisage themselves living in these spaces, surrounded by truly special pieces that are hand-selected and based on each apartment’s unique qualities.”

At Northacre, we believe public art plays a pivotal role in shaping the character and vibrancy of our developments. Beyond the physical building, art breathes life into the spaces we create. It fosters a sense of identity and community, enhances the visual landscape, sparks conversations, and shared experiences among residents and visitors.

In Orchard Place, Nick Hornby’s “Power over others is Weakness disguised as Strength” invites viewers to reflect on the delicate balance between strength and vulnerability.

Masa Al-Kutoubi comments “Public art plays a crucial role in placemaking by transforming urban spaces and developments into vibrant, engaging environments that foster a sense of belonging and pride within the community.

The Broadway’s public arts initiative has been instrumental in creating a distinct sense of place; through the commissioning of local artists, by celebrating the development’s history and location, it has strengthened the community’s identity and connection to the area.”

The first thing that greets visitors to The Broadway is the large format work, “Lluvia de Estrellas,” beautifully crafted by Mexican artists Caralarga using raw cotton thread. This extraordinary artwork, hanging in the lobby, showcases a captivating interplay of irregular patterns, incorporating a medley of techniques, including tassels and short ties.

Thoughtfully curated by US interior design and architecture firm NAINOA, this stunning creation aligns perfectly with their vision of championing sustainable and recycled materials, while celebrating the rich textural tapestry that defines the development.

NAINOA is the visionary behind the communal and wellness spaces at The Broadway, which fuse beautiful, tactile and ergonomic design.

House of Walpole, brings together works from iconic artists including Jeff Koons, Damien Hirst and Yayoi Kusama. This initiative is part of an innovative collaboration between Northacre and other leading luxury brands. Based on the theme “Urban Eden”, the curated collection features florals and butterflies, paying homage to the timeless beauty and history of The Residences.

With a focus on transcendence, elegance and optimism, the collection seamlessly brings the outside world in, inviting a connection between the nature-inspired works and their unique setting.

The House of Walpole – The Home of British Luxury Craftsmanship is a partnership between Northacre, Walpole, the official sector body for UK luxury, and Oliver Burns, the luxury interior design studio.

Art in this unique residence, was curated by the renowned Maddox Gallery.

Dear All,

For this issue of the Northacre Journal, we are celebrating the role of art in enriching our city, developments and daily lives. With London as a powerhouse of the global art scene, there is inspiration around every corner.

This month saw the 20th anniversary of Frieze London, an annual fair showcasing spectacular contemporary works produced by living artists. Earlier in October, London buzzed with shows in galleries and public institutions across the city. We are always looking for new and imaginative ways to integrate art into our projects. Last month, we announced a new collaboration between The Broadway and design agency Arteficius. The elegant, luxurious space is defined by carefully-chosen art, lighting and accessories from names such as Hessentia by Cornelio Cappellini, Catellani & Smith and Zanetto.

Another new addition with art at the forefront of its design is a three-bedroom apartment at The Broadway, designed in collaboration with Oliver Burns. This majestic residence is decorated with pieces from globally celebrated artists. Read on to find out more about this unique curation.

Orchard Place will also soon welcome artists of a different kind, with ADAM Grooming Atelier and Nostos Coffee joining its family of modern urban retailers. ADAM offers a one-of-a-kind barber experience, based on traditional Turkish and Roman techniques including wet shaves, hot-towel presses and massages. Nostos Coffee sources the best beans from around the world, with a focus on sustainable and ethical producers. Their philosophy – “every cup of coffee should be an experience” – will be well-received by coffee aficionados in the Orchard Place community.

I invite you to keep reading for the latest exciting updates from Northacre and to reflect on the creative roles art plays in your own lives and communities.

Amy Wardell
Head of Brand

Dear all,

We are delighted to introduce the August edition of the Northacre Journal.

The arrival of the summer months, when many take a well-earned break, has not slowed things down at Northacre and we are thrilled to share our latest updates. At The Broadway, our landmark mixed-use development in the heart of Westminster, we are continuing to see extraordinary demand for residences. We are confident this interest will continue with the unveiling of our latest show apartments.

We have collaborated with leading interior design firm, BoxNine7 on two apartments which reflect their signature “furniture with feel good” approach and innovative visual impact. They add to our apartments crafted in collaboration with celebrated designers, LEMA and Minotti London. In addition, we are also working with another innovative design partner, and look forward to revealing more spectacular apartments in the autumn.

Thank you for taking the time to read about our latest news at Northacre, and we wish you a relaxing rest of the summer.

Orchard Place held a Wimbledon pop-up in July, which was a remarkable success, bringing together residents and local community members for finals week of The Championships. In the heart of central London, Orchard Place was a lively hotspot to watch thrilling matches screened on a four-metre display. The comfy chairs, craft cocktails and gourmet ice cream added to the fun, and enthusiastic guests had an opportunity to practise their serves with a game of table tennis.


Nick Hornby’s latest public artwork, “Power over others is Weakness disguised as Strength” has been unveiled in the centre of Orchard Place. Standing five metres tall and crafted from 165 pieces of manipulated Corten steel, the sculpture challenges power dynamics and invites viewers to reflect on the delicate balance between strength and vulnerability. Upon its completion and transfer to Orchard Place, it was met by a crowd eager to welcome this immense artwork to its new home.


The Broadway Penthouse is a 4,672-sq-ft four-bedroom, four-bathroom apartment which boasts uninterrupted panoramas over some of the capital’s most recognisable landmarks. The interior is designed and decorated by Minotti London, specialists in timeless design for 21st Century luxury living.

We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Anke Summerhill, MD and Creative Director of Minotti London. We discussed their inspiration for the elegant design and bespoke furnishing of the penthouse.

What does it mean to Minotti London to collaborate with The Broadway on this apartment?

It was a total pleasure working with Northacre, one of the UK’s most renowned prime real estate developers. The project was a match made in heaven. The striking architecture of The Broadway blends harmoniously with furnishing pieces from the recent Minotti collection as well as some of the brand’s iconic pieces. Together we were able to enhance the architectural context and the striking urban setting.

What is it about this apartment that makes it stand out?

What makes this apartment so special is its very generous size together with the stunning panoramic views of the city’s landmarks. No matter in which part of the apartment you find yourself, you have a 360-degree view of the iconic London skyline. That, combined with the world-class amenities the Broadway has on offer, makes it very unique.

What inspired the design?

The biggest inspiration was the minimalist Art Deco features of the building by Squire and Partners. For example, the diamond-like windows and other geometric features in the building have a unique shape. This inspired us to use the timeless Hicks Hexagon wallpaper by Cole & Son which together with the selected timeless Minotti pieces fits in effortlessly and truly complements the space. Finishing touches, such as the beautiful Welles lighting from Gabriel Scott, turned the apartment into a truly magical space.