RIP celebrity endorsements, the face of luxury is changing

Country and Town House

It’s no longer acceptable to follow celebrity fads – true luxury comes from heritage, craftsmanship and a wonderful backstory, says Julia Robson

This February, the runways of London Fashion Week exploded in a dazzling spectacle of rich colour, elaborate handiwork and techy fabrications. Burberry added a hippie patchwork of embroidery and peacock feathers with Gujarati mirrors to a cape and Christopher Kane put a Gustav Klimt-like print of entwined lovers on a strappy dress pieced together like an elaborate puzzle…

…A whopping 7,000 sq/ft (out of 10,000 sq/ft) of No 1 Palace Street, the property next door to Buckingham Palace, which on its completion in 2017, is cited as being the most desirable property in the Capital, is devoted to a wellness centre befitting a five-star hotel.
Niccolo Baratierri di San Pietro, CEO of Northacre, the landmark residential giants behind No 1 Palace Street, cites ‘state-of-the-art technology and security’ as priorities with his UHNW clients.