The Savoir Faire Issue – The Legacy of Craftmanship

Billionaire Magazine

Amy Wardell 

One of my favourite reads, and into which I joyfully dip time and again, is Peter Ackroyd’s stunning London: The Biography. It is inimitable in its scope and erudition, taking the reader through the temporal and spatial journey of the evolution of the UK’s capital in a way that is personal and utterly memorable.

His detailed stories reveal the city’s layers – historical fragments that we rush past daily – and it is wondrous to imagine all the events that have taken place beneath our feet. It is particularly interesting for me as I am involved in reviving some of the city’s finest buildings for future use. I am fascinated by the blend of architectures and histories that populate the very fabric of this city and love being a participant – as we all are in our own way – in the capital’s evolution for future generations.