A Healthy Summertime

Over the past year, our health and wellness has become a greater priority than ever before. Which is why at Northacre, our focus this month is on living, and living well. From fitness trackers to nutritious frozen ready meals, we’ve collated some of the most popular health and wellness trends for summer 2021.


Reported as one of the top wellness retreats in the world by Destination Deluxe, Six Senses Douro Valley in Portugal is the ultimate destination for you to experience a slice of luxury whilst restoring your physical and mental health. Located among vineyards and acres of rolling hills, you can choose between four wellness programs during your stay in the restored 19th century manor house.


By connecting with an app on your phone, the Whoop strap collects physiological data 24/7 to provide you with the most accurate and granular understanding of your body. This data helps you optimize the way you recover, train, and sleep, ensuring you can unlock your full potential on a daily basis.


Designed to refuel the mind and body with all the best ingredients, The Good Prep is one of London’s leading healthy food delivery services. Pick a plan that works best for your needs, activity level and schedule. Full of all the nutrients to keep you in peak performance, so you can achieve every goal you set.


A brand new style of workout class in the heart of London. Rowbots are interval style training class created by a team of specialists including competition powerlifters, Olympic rowers and mental health professionals to provide a holistic workout for the mind and body. The nature of the rowing machine focused workouts means they are designed to achieve maximum results with minimum impact on your body and joints.


With the weather finally warming up, Lidos are a great way to enjoy the sunshine, cool off and incorporate some low impact exercise into your week. London has a plethora of fantastic Lidos, with some of our favourites including Charlton Lido and Lifestyle Club, London Fields Lido and The Serpentine Lido.

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