No. 1 Palace Street: 200 Years in the Making

Situated in the heart of London, overlooking Buckingham Palace and surrounded by some of the most prestigious neighbourhoods in the world, No.1 Palace Street is a unique luxury living space like no other. 

Not only is No.1 Palace Street’s location unrivalled, but its rich history and complex architecture make the building truly unique. 

The story of No.1 Palace Street started in 1860 with the construction of the Palace Street Hotel, one of central London’s first five-star establishments and home to many of Queen Victoria’s guests. 

A perfect blend of the past and the future, the construction of No.1 Palace Street retains and celebrates this history whilst showcasing five distinct architectural styles: Beaux-Arts, French Renaissance, Italian Renaissance, Queen Anne & Contemporary. 

Connecting contemporary design with No.1 Palace Street’s historic roots was always a priority for Northacre. When first entering the building through the Buckingham gate entrance, a logo was found etched into the marble floor. It was later discovered that this logo mirrors the original floorplan of Buckingham Palace. This is represented in the No.1 Palace Street logo and also permeates through to many design elements of the building.

Northacre prides itself on refining the smallest details. For No.1 Palace Street this meant using beautiful Italian marble, which was mined from the same mountains they extracted marble from 2000 years ago. 

Discover more about the making of No.1 Palace Street in the film linked here and for more information on the apartments, please get in touch with a member of the Northacre team.

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