Northacre wants to challenge the status quo, embrace change and seek to make a positive impact on people, place and planet.  

To fulfil this vision, we have unveiled a new corporate organisational structure and direction. Northacre has rebranded as Northacre Properties, one of three pillars that comprise the Northacre Group.

Through our fully integrated real estate approach, we will create robust investments that deliver profitable and sustainable real estate and wellbeing-focused projects in the UK and MENA region.

The three pillars of Northacre are:

Northacre Investments

Following a proven, circular investment process, we manage all stages of project investment, from deal access and execution to management, value creation and successful exit.

Northacre Properties

Our real estate vertical develops sustainable and wellbeing-focused projects, from concept creation, design and construction management to development and renovation.

Northacre Asset Management

We offer services in asset repositioning, operational management, financial management and real estate advisory.          

Walid El-Hindi, CEO of Real Estate SHUAA Capital and Group CEO of Northacre, says: “Our attitude and approach to real estate is one that questions the status quo, seeks growth and understanding and embraces challenges and opportunities. Through our holistic approach to creative investments, innovation and an unwavering commitment toward Sustainable Real Estate and wellbeing in every aspect of our business, we plan to raise the bar and set a new standard for the Real Estate industry.”

Board Member and Managing Director of SHUAA Capital and newly appointed Chairman of Northacre, Jassim Alseddiqi, comments, says: “The Northacre brand has been synonymous with heritage, design and the quintessential British ethos for over 30 years. As we adopt a change in strategy, we bring together years of experience in investing, developing and managing Real Estate. Our role in this sphere is now, more than ever, intrinsically coupled with creating places that benefit the wellbeing of the communities in which they are built whilst proactively minimising our impact on the environment.”

With a commitment to achieving a 5* Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark rating by 2030, all Northacre operations will be driven by our purpose to enable healthier and longer lives.

To discover more about Northacre, our three verticals and projects, please visit our website.

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