Murray Levinson on Creating Timeless Buildings

Northacre’s Jan Trbizan and Murray Levinson, Partner at design and architecture firm Squire & Partners, joined a recent panel to discuss our collaboration at The Broadway.

Murray’s team drew inspiration from the site’s previous life as the Metropolitan Police Headquarters as well as the nearby Grade-I listed 55 Broadway, designed in 1929 by Charles Holden.

The result is a combination of Art Deco style, including leaning into the geometric shapes and clean lines of the site, and contemporary minimalism.

“We like to create some level of uniqueness to each property so people could say ‘I live in that building’. Every project is a bespoke idea, but it has to be timeless because a building is here for a long time. We also need to consider how the build is going to weather, the selection of materials, and not being super fashionable to give that level of timelessness,” says Murray.

As well as timeless design, The Broadway boasts a prime Central London location, within walking distance of three Royal Parks as well as Mayfair and St James’s.


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