The Key to Elegant, Intimate Design

Anke Summerhill, Managing and Creative Director of Minotti London, recently shared her approach to design, centred on craftsmanship and elegance.

“I think craftsmanship defines the quality of the design. It shows the skill, the time, the passion of the craftsman, which then makes it a beautiful piece or design project. If something is elegant and stylish, that doesn’t go out of fashion. So, it gives longevity because you never get bored with it,” she says.

When applying this philosophy to the 4,672-square-foot penthouse at The Broadway, the first in London designed by Minotti, she had the challenge of creating intimacy within a big space.

“I think every home should have natural light. So because there was a lot of light, we mixed light pieces with darker pieces. I think a combination of textures is always really important to make it more interesting. So we used wood, marble and suede on some of the sofas,” says Anke.

The one-off penthouse at The Broadway is ready to move in. It has four bedrooms, four bathrooms and also comes with a one-bedroom apartment for staff. The apartment, offering the amenities of a five-star hotel and picture-perfect views, is priced at £25M with furnishing and parking prices on request.


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