Summer in the Capital

I am delighted to say that summer has officially arrived in London. The streets and parks are abuzz with activity and the city is well and truly in bloom.

It’s not just London’s streets that are a hive of activity either. The London Property market has shown resilience once again as transactions continue to soar across the capital. London’s reputation as the international city of choice continues to draw investors from near and far to enjoy the city’s rich lifestyle, history, and culture.

At Northacre, we are incredibly privileged to have worked within Prime Central London for over 30 years meaning we’ve borne witness to London’s ever-changing landscape. However, one of the biggest challenges to super prime development has been The City Plan, a planning blueprint for Westminster which was created in 2018. 

Since its incarnation there have been many reiterations of the plan, resulting in The City Plan 2019-40 that was introduced in the last few weeks. The plan seeks to ensure a vibrant mix of homes and communities and has officially set a limit of 200 square metres for new builds in the borough. Therefore, having two developments, No.1 Palace Street and The Broadway, nearing completion feels like an even greater achievement. These properties offer a rare opportunity for buyers to purchase some of the last remaining homes exceeding this limit.

Large lateral apartments with generous space have certainly been at the top of our enquiries list. The introduction of this plan will no doubt dramatically change the residential landscape of the historic heart of London and will inevitably increase the ‘prize asset’ value of our larger apartments and townhouses.

We would be delighted to welcome you to see our latest masterpieces in the making. Feel free to schedule a booking with our team today.

CEO Niccolò Barattieri di San Pietro  

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