What’s brewing at Nostos Coffee

Nostos Coffee sources the best coffee from around the world, with a focus on sustainable and ethical producers. Their philosophy that every cup of coffee should be an experience is a welcome addition at Orchard Place.

We sat down with Edison, Founder of Nostos, to find out more about their coffee, community spirit and what makes Nostos coffee unique.

Q: What sets your coffee experience apart?

A: What makes us different is the approach to transparency, quality and care of the product. We aren’t just brewing coffee; we are delivering an experience on your daily cup of coffee with full transparency.

Q: What makes your customers keep coming back?

A: We care who our customers are. We create memorable stories. We passionately introduce them to the world of coffee. We strive for seasonality and sustainability in the approach of our recipes, from coffee drinks to soft drinks and food offerings. We offer a product we believe in and would proudly consume ourselves everyday.

Q: What’s brewing at Nostos in terms of new products?

A: We are planning to have an area in the Orchard Place shop for food preparation and we are trying to collaborate with renowned cooks for events such as supper clubs. We also hope to bring over a few of the international farmers we work with for a workshop and to showcase the coffee journey.

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